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Natheera Wyeth (via email) "I just received my parcel and I’m so in love with my skirt it’s absolutely stunning, perfect!!! THANK YOU for the excellent service provided."

Meira Friedland (via Instagram) "Love my top & couldn't be more impressed with your service."

Kaamielah Arend (via email) "I would like to commend you on your excellent customer service! Thank you, I look forward to my next shopping experience."

Samantha Paterson (via email) "Hi I'm so impressed with your excellent service. I received my goods this morning and I love them."

@lebzmo (via Instagram) "My first online (clothing) purchase & I couldn't be happier. Spot on! Thank you guys."

Lindsay Simpson (via Facebook) "Within 2 working days of ordering my goods, I received them! So impressed! Thank you."

Kelli Ann Venter (via email) "Just wanted to thank you for the awesome items I purchased online. They fit perfectly."