Black Buhle Infinity Bodysuit


R 400.00

Our Buhle Infinity Bodysuit comes in 7 colours & can be worn a very many ways. This beauty comes with a few instructions on how to wear it the various ways; but you can let you imagination run wild.


Styling as pictured:

Style 1

Bring both pieces across the body & over one shoulder, while twisting the pieces together from just above the chest. Twist both pieces at the back. At the centre of the back, separate the 2 pieces & take them to opposite ends of the waist. Drape around the front & tie at the back waist.

Style 2

Bring the 2 front pieces up & tie into a halter. Bring to the front neck, cross over & pull each piece under the respective arms. Bring the pieces over the opposite shoulder, creating as much or as little coverage of the shoulder that is desired. Drape at opposite ends of the waist & tie at the back.



**Fabric: Black Shiny FDY

**Model wears size SMALL

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